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One of the UK's largest and finest wetland landscapes. A unique patchwork of lakes, rivers, woodland, marsh and wide open skies

  • The total area of the Broads is 303 km² (117 sq mi) and is made up of 7 rivers and 63 Broads, most of which are less than 4m deep 

  • They may look natural but the Broads were made as a result of peat digging in the Middle Ages 

  • The rivers Broads, marshes, fens and woodland make the Broads a very unique area and an important destination for naturalists 

  • Britain’s rarest butterfly the Swallowtail can only be found on the Norfolk Broads


Hiking Routes

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Hiking Routes


10.4 km (6.5 mi)
34 m (112 ft)
Moderate (29/100)
3 hours
12.2 km (7.6 mi)
38 m (125 ft)
Moderate (34/100)
3 ½ hours
Berney Marshes

Latest Articles


1 year ago • 177 views • 2 likes

Blorenge via Keeper's Pond

Follow the lower slopes of the isolated hill of Blorenge to Keeper's Pond before gently scaling the main ridgeline to the summit.


1 year ago • 28 views • 1 like

Sugar Loaf

This quick walk offers a short and direct ascent of Sugar Loaf, positioned a few miles west of Abergavenny.


1 year ago • 28 views • 1 like

Extended Beacons Horseshoe

A challenging Brecon Beacons walk visiting the summits of Corn Du, Pen y Fan, Cribyn and Fan-y-Big.


1 year ago • 17 views • 1 like

Waterfall Country

This brilliant circular walk provides a chance to see many of the waterfalls this area of the Brecon Beacons is well known for.


1 year ago • 46 views • 1 like

Pen y Fan

Pen y Fan, situated in the Brecon Beacons National Park is the highest peak in south Wales, standing at 886 m (2,907 ft).


1 year ago • 61 views • 1 like

Highest Peaks of the Brecon Beacons

This challenging walk takes the less traveled route up Corn Du to visit Pen y Fan, the highest point in the Brecon Beacons National Park.

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